Partnership is our church’s formal church membership process. There is very little difference between partner andmember. Both words have similar meanings and both words are used in scripture to describe the relationship between people brought together by God. The reason we are choosing to use the word ‘partnership’ is because of the impact Philippians 1:3-11 has had on us in the life of this church.

One Question we often get asked: Is A Formal Church Membership (Partnership) Process Necessary? Here’s why we believe it’s beneficial: take an example from marriage.  When a man and woman are joined together they often choose to exchange rings, even though there is no biblical or civil requirement for this. However, there is great symbolism in wedding rings. They serve as a reminder of the covenant vows and they declare to others that they are in a covenant together.

Likewise, the membership process serves as a symbol or reminder of an agreement made within a local church community. Church Membership in a sense is a covenant that:

  • Reminds God’s people that they are more loved and accepted by God than they could ever possibly imagine.
  • Helps individuals become a Gospel community.
  • Encourages a community to carry out its Gospel mission together.

Please check out the information about our Worship Gathering, our Community Groups and our Ministry Teams, to see some different ways to partner with us in the Gospel.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, please email us HERE.